What is my Programme of Mentoring-Coaching for Artists and What is Phase B (By Invitation)
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Until February, the coaching spaces are filled. They are four artists that are passing to the Second Phase of the Coaching which has not been announced not to turn this into a competition but many people that paid and participated in my coaching programame either did not come back with the agreed homework or did not care enough to do it so you have no priority or pass to the next phase. The programme needs commitment. Hasta fines de febrero el cupo para coaching esta cubierto. Otros artists pidieron pero tengo tiempo limitado y puedo poner atencion en solo cuatro., El resto  Con cuatro artistas pasando a la segunda fase y tres con tareas de seguimiento y son:

Tamara Garcia, Facundo Alegre, Ivana Blanco Gloss, Luis Grane.

I will also continue working in collaborations and in follow ups of their work with the following:- Y tambien voy a continuar trabajando y haciendo algunos proyectos conjuntos con. 

Alexis Muinos W. (He will participate in my Interview with Tom Roach, a NY Queer Theorist that explores new forms of intimacy in the era of Grindr- Proximamente va a entrevistar conmigo a Tom Roach para nuestro Podcast)

Mercedes Dutto 

Oliverio Segura (He will have his own Youtube Series trying to place DJing as n artistic discipline which brings its dangers. I know that Lewis Burton would be very happy with this., Proximamente en Youtube Chanel y Podcast).


What’s Phase A About? De qué se trata a primera fase? 

It is when the artist gets in private a first hand objective no non sense criticism of his or her work. After that we set a plan of readings to frame his or her practice within a signposted terrain. Once they build their own conceptual framework we discuss it again and I ask them to define a genealogy of influences and a cartography of peers. What the influences and who are they estalbishing a dialogue with?  At the end of this process, and with an informed acknowledgement of what htey have and where are they going, we assess it and pass to phase B. 

La primera fase es aquella en la que son testigos cara a cara de una critica objetiva y directa de su obra. Comenzando por aquellas por las que sienten particular carino. Tras esto les doy material de lectura para que construyan un marco conceptual dentro del cual su trabajo pueda ser entendido y para que definan una genealogia de influencias y pares. Tras esto y sabiendo a donde van, hacemos una evaluacion de cuanto mejoro o no (generalmente el resultado es mas negativo que positivo) y ahi se pasa a la fase dos. 

What is Phase B? Como es la segunda fase?

This departs from a completely different place. It is as if our vintage point changed and we can approach you artistic process with renewed eyes. In Phase A, you become aware of the way your art is perceived outside your own minds and loved ones. My view is not the absolute truth but brings some objectivity. So you have elements at this early stage to de-romanticise it. At this point, you must have acquired a conceptual framework that allows you to engage in dialogues in the contemporary art world. So this second phase is more, how to put it, Bahaus. Firstly, we need to think deeply about that art means and what it means to you. This has to be an informed decision and cannot include the expression ‘I like’. You need to know what you want, what you stand for and what is out there for you and this is the goal now. However, to get here you must have some kind of quality upgrade in your own expectations about life and art. It cannot be to succeed in the art market for its infantile. So we must get practical and think of ways of exhibiting and what., In two years after that moment you must complete that task. You will be included in the Second Volume of Historia a Contrapelo del Arte Argentino that will cover the 2000 until 2025 and will be an autoetnographic account of the local world of art and loveartnotpeople will have to ask itself whether it is art or not. 

 fase parte de un lugar totalmente diferente. En la primera fase, Ustedes tomaban conciencia de la realidad de sus obras y deromantizaban su practica. Habiendo adquirido un marco teórico para poder adaptarse a lo que hoy demanda una obra de arte contemporánea.. La segunda parte es la más Bauhausian. Primero obliga a definir el sentido del arte propio y como a uno lo satisface y esto solo se puede hacer sabiendo qué hay alrededor, de que se trata el mundo del arte y cuál es el proyecto que uno más o menos quiere seguir.Una vez explicitado esto, se busca una forma de exhibir pero no de acuerdo a la disponibilidad sino lo que sería mejor para el proyecto. Ese proyecto exhibitivo debe completarse dentro de los dos anyos para ser registrado en el próximo libro de Historia del Arte Argentino de mi autoria que va del 2000 al 2225.

Available dates for those selected below- Los dias disponibles (para los artistas enunciados mas arriba) y esto es first come first serve basis, son:

January- Enero 16, 18, 21 y 25 a las 18 horas de Buenos Aires.

February- Febrero 3, 20, 22 y 24

Those who want to work with me might like to express their interest in a one page email with a description without images of your “artistic project” as you understand it.

For payment of January this is the Pay Pal button


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