Pedro Yagüe’s “The Cañete Method” is the Translation to English of the First Serious Piece of Criticism of My ‘Infamous’ Radical Queer Activist Work in a Decade

…Which Says A Lot About My Country’s Decision To Remain Ignorant Albeit Uncriticised.




Mr.Yagüe, whom I did not know or heard of before this article, was gentlemanly enough to show it to me before it was published in one of the most prestigious cultural journals in Argentina in matters of critical theory and activism. Although I substantially disagree with key parts of Yagüe’s argument, the piece was published untouched and it is my pleasure to show it to a reader that might have heard contradictory things about what I do  (which far from a a tragic character makes me a strategical one….coming from below). If there is something that this piece does is  bringing light into an issue that Jacques Ranciere called dissensus and many of you applaude because they are in a freer past. In times of moral police, neoliberal self discipline and mindfulness, gossip and insult are almost crime when actually are one of the few tools left for the subaltern to resist.

Rodrigo C June,2023

The following piece is by Dr. Pedro Yagüe (Universidad de Buenos Aires- Researcher at the National Council for Science and Technology) 








Three artists are mentioned that you might find useful to know more about them. The first one is in English and the two others are in Spanish.

Pedro Lemebel


Walter Batato Barea

Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos


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