At Last, My Podcast With Sally Gardner, The Sunday Times Historical Novel of the Year and My Best Friend

This Podcast is very important for me. It is with a story teller like no other. Her lived life made her stop and listen when it came to my friendship than instead, assuming that because mainstream culture repeats again and again that the day of oppression of sexual and ethnic minorities are over, that is so.  For a woman of her generation this is twice a merit because the education of the upper middle class (white) woman in England puts them at the service of patriarchalism in perverse ways. They learn that the Empire goes on per force of their race because there is something distinctive, so they think, in the English woman that allegedly makes them knowledgable and more in touch with essential truths. In times of identity politics, they ransform the subaltern status into an opportunity to convince themselves and others of how wise and blessed they are. Why? Well, for having had children and melancholically seeing them go. In other words, they tend to find consolation in believing their own stoic nature so they decide to evangelise others preaching about the benefits of the “good (pure) life”, in crusades against other minorities such as transexuals and even, talk about ethics while in one astonishing case, writing about Italy through a series of racist cliches. That kind of privileged English womant accept homosexuals because they copied their valued system reaffirming their lesser status. The British literary word is populated by them. Take Joanne Harris, for example, claiming that “there is no problem in the world that a good dessert cannot solve”. For some mysterious reasons, these, how to put it, sources of national embarrassment are the ones awarded OBEs, specifically, like Harris herself (have a look at her website https://www.joanne-harris.co.uk/) or the infamous Debbie Swallow, former Director of the Courtauld, who told me that there were no black people studying there “because they prefer money making professions”.  They all come from prestigious English institutions and extremely well educated.  But let’s go back to Sally whose talent, I must confess, surprised me once I decided to read her books, almost four years after meeting her for the first time. I hope you enjoy the Ninth Podcast of this series.





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