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This week we pay hommage to Pedro Lemebel, a performer and writer that changed my life and that of many queers who thought in the Pride Revolution that came after the StoneWall rights that gay marriage, civil union and AIDS were part of what Pedro called the actualisation of the colonial bonds between the Global North and the Global South. I decided to do this in two parts. One is for the Spanish speaking world, in particular, for Chilean and Argentine listeners and viewers in Youtube who do not need the broader context that international audiences need to understand such radical and disruptive figure. The second one will be released later this week and will evangelise the listeners of the Global North on who was Pedro Lemebel and why his performative turn is not only art but an opportunity to re examine those institutions (like academia) that romantically claim to be the reservoirs of truth and virtue. So those who do not speak Spanish are invited to listen to the wonderful tone of Chilean spanish which is not the way I speak but most of all, remember that you will receive the English version of this this Friday. I also take the opportunity to ask you that if you like this podcast , leave a review or at least put as the 5 stars you think we deserve. It would make easier for others to find us in the platforms. Also if you access this podcsat through my blog, remember to subscribe to the blog, to my Youtube channel @rodrigocanetelanp

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Everyone Thinks is Queer Except You and Me: The Podcast