The Last Podcast Broke Its Own Record with 15K+ Listeners. The Reason? The Afro American Scholar Who Asked Why Are There No Black Players In the Selección
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And if it is true that they DISSAPEARED, since that is the term she hears again and again as a response to her question, where are their bodily remains, the descendants. This conversation will happen at the time Paidos Publishing House is launching the Spanish version of a fundamental book in a country that does not see itself as racist because its cultural elite thinks so. Her book’s Hidden at Plain Sight is a paradox of a very Argentine nature. With it, she implies probably without realising that Argentina is populated by spectres of flesh and blood that after so many years of dubious complicity with criminal powers (and, of course, i am not only referring to the dictatorship), the Argentines have not only lost the ability to see what is  in front of them but even worse, they have started to unconsciously manipulate their own memory. She frontally addresses the problem of the oppressed whose story remains unwritten. So when history is written they are simply erased from memory. The worse death.

A high number of interviews I conducted during my research for my next book show the attitude of carelessness to the point of dismissiveness that appears when the race issue is brought up. A case in point is Ministerio de Justicia civil servant and conservative journalist. I Alejandro Modarelli whose alleged gay activism makes him a walking paradox. Very much in tune with traditional Argentine society, he refuses to see or, better said, he looks but he cannot see what the gay movement those to those that do not belong to certain phenotype. I will explain this in a following post with a visual analysis of the cover of Siete Dias that until today has been seen as the first big triumph of the gay movement. Of course, in our gay movements the biggest problem both in Argentina and Chile have been those like him: well educated but not brilliant, white privileged apparatchik with so many commitments to mantain that privilege that when the time comes they cannot move. He knows how I am and he supported me under the table during my Cancellation but who wants that kind of support. That is shit. Coward shit.

The worrying aspect of this weaponisation of identity politics is that it collaborates with the State to weaken the real opposition which is not the partisan one but the “Other”, in another words, all agents of difference. I will include the testimony of those females that belong to that social class but decided to adopt black babies. This will be another groundbreaking episode of Everyone Thinks is Queer Except You and Me: The Podcast in which we are going to queerise Argentine beliefs through their deconstruction and thinking outside the box

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