@SallyGardner Presentation at my LANP Institute on Strategies of Survival for Talented Women Since the XVII Century

As you know, this is Sally Gardner’s Month. Loveartnotpeople.org said it first and then the Sunday Times and the Financial Times followed when they considered her latest book one of the books of the year and the Historical Novel of the Month.


In the Loveartnotpeople.org Sally Gardner’s Month there are two main activities programmed. Her presentation in my Institute, that happened last week and started as a lecture to soon became a high level open discussion on collective memory, disappearing appeared, mourning, and what Josefina Ludmer called Las Tretas del Débil (The tricks that those considered as weak by society has to come up with to survive, mostly the talented). I am shy about calling my students as such because amongst them was the renown Paraguayan artist and independent decoloniality  researcher Gabriela Zuccolino French who brought her approach from the perspective of her very particular situatedness. There was also Ivanna Blanco Gross, a talented artists that spent last year nearby the North Pole building community through education and network building among the indigenous people and the colonisers. You can access the Premiere tomorrow Thursday 15 December at 10PM and the video in my Youtube Chanel.


Experiencing Sally’s creativity and knowledge of the period and life, in general, is a privilege as a reader and as a friend.  Do not miss out on this opportunity that will be followed by the Podcast that we are going to record next week for my ‘Everyone Thinks is Queer Except You and Me: The Podcast’.

This images are of the wonderful flagship bookstore of our Hastings that has at its physical centre, the book that keeps us talking about. All of you who are around the area December 22 join us for a rendez vous to cheer the triumphs of our local artist.



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Everyone Thinks is Queer Except You and Me: The Podcast