The Day I Gave Ticio Escobar, Leader of Paraguay’s Arts Mafia, a Run for His Money That Left Him So Resentful That He Betrayed Me A Week Later


Our Podcast Last Episode of Last Series in Spanish titled ‘Inteligentsia Comunista’

It is an interview that I thought would be the last of of the last because it uncovers the mafia inside the mafie in my country, Argentina. It is a conversation with two friends that for a long time had decided to be silent but suddenly, felt it necessary to talk. They are the owners of the two biggest media conglomerates in Argentina. Vanessa Noble and Esmeralda Mitre are like my family but a few things that were said in this incredible conversation (in Spanish) show that nothing is what it seems in my country.




From today, however, the name of the Podcast changes but its spirit remains the same. It’s new name is ‘Everyone in the World in the World is Queer Except You and Me’ (you will be able to find in any platform including Spotify, Amazon Unlimited and Apple Podcasts).


Everyone Thinks is Queer Except You and Me: The Podcast