Las Declaraciones del Curador Chileno Ernesto Muñoz le Permitieron a Nelly Richards Hacer Pasar Como Plural Su Homofóbico Masculino-Femenino


Este es el texto de Nelly Richard que usa contra Lemebel y en definitiva se origina en Muñoz:

In the previously mentioned interview, Ernesto Muñoz explains why the simulacrum of sexual conversion is punished as a mockery by the “stronger” sex’s moral standards, which rely on a strict rigor of truth (an explanation he discards with regard to his own practice). Muñoz states: “Transvestites are homosexuals who cover and escape from themselves. They are no longer Pedro or Juan, but Roxana. With transvestites, truth looms large, but falsehood looms even larger. When you work with transvestites in art, you are not offering correct information. This creates difficulties for the spectator.”  Difficulties that, beyond sexual titillation, have to do with the concealment of truth: with privileging the falsehood of appearances over the truth of essences, with letting oneself be mesmerized by the brilliance of the artificial, with taking off and putting on masks and disguises

Hace unos dias tambien se planteo la hipótesis de su colaboracionismo en la Dictadcura que hubiera estado bueno que aclarara.


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